What is BoatR?UPDATES

• The National Program for Municipal Fishing Vessels and Gears Registration dubbed as “BoatR” is a follow through of the FishR program
• It is designed to enhance, fast-track and complete the nationwide registration of municipal fishing vessels three (3) gross tons and below and municipal fishing gears as required under EO No. 305 s. 2004 and Sec. 19 of RA 10654 (formerly RA 8550) or the Philippine Fisheries Code of 1998

Program Objectives
• Develop and promote a simplified and standardized national registration system for BoatR
• Get the support of all coastal municipalities and cities to use the standardized registration system and to integrate with and regularly update the BoatR system
• Use the data in the Boat Registry to design fisheries management and biodiversity conservation measures

The same registry is necessary in designing relevant programs to assist the LGUs in the development, management, regulation, conservation, and protection of fishery resources and in establishing a Comprehensive Fishery Information System