• There are more than 900 coastal municipalities and cities with varied degrees of coastal resource management efforts. Aware of the challenges in sustainably managing coastal/marine resources in an archipelago such as the Philippines, President Rodrigo R. Duterte through the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) advocates, as one of his banner programs, the Malinis at Masaganang Karagatan (MMK). MMK program aims to promote fisheries protection and conservation, centers on the significance of sustainably managing our fisheries and aquatic resources, and promotes stakeholder engagement to the cause of resource protection and conservation.

•The Search for “Malinis at Masaganang Karagatan” aims to recognize outstanding initiatives and contributions of coastal municipalities/cities to sustainable fisheries development.

Specific Objectives

1. To identify coastal municipalities/cities that:

a. Have exemplary initiatives and accomplishment in the effort against illegal fishing and observance of ecosystem approach to fisheries resource management measures such as off-fishing season and ban on the collection of endangered species, among others;
b. Have established, formulated and adopted Marine Protected Area (MPA) or Fisheries Managed Area;
c. Have kept coastal waters clean of domestic solid and/or liquid wastes, garbage or industrial effluence flowing to the sea as a result of innovative waste management or other programs;
d. Have a successful mangrove protection and rehabilitation program;
e. Have accomplished or implemented unique or innovative operational schemes on coastal resource management;
f. Have initiated programs with LGU-funded budget for coastal/fisheries resource management;

2. To document the best practices and strategies of these outstanding municipalities/cities and promote their replication or adoption among other LGUs

3. To encourage other LGUs to:

a. Adopt best practices and promote awareness on conservation, management and sustainable development of the municipal waters and provide sufficient funds for these endeavors;
b. Encourage active participation on the implementation of Municipal Fisheries Ordinance, RA 8550 as amended by RA 10654 and other pertinent laws;
c. Enhance partnership between LGUs, other line agencies and the fishing community in the management of fisheries and coastal resources.