The owner and boat captain of one Modified Danish Seine vessel, locally known as Hulbot-hulbot, face raps for violation of Fisheries Administrative Order (FAO) 246-1, which bans the operation of said type of destructive fishing gear in Philippine waters.

The illegal fishing boat was spotted operating off the coast of barangay Bolong, near Pitas Island, Zamboanga City on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at about 6:30 in the evening, and was subsequently apprehended by the joint operatives of DA-BFAR Enforcement and Regional Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Operations Center (ERMCSOC) Team 4 and Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) onboard MCS 3007.

Based on the inspection conducted by the apprehending team, the fishing vessel possessed the following paraphernalia: tom weight, scareline, green net, and roller. The presence of these gears is highly indicative that the seized boat is a Modified Danish Seine or Hulbot-hulbot. The boat owner was thereafter issued with a Notice of Violation citing offense against FAO 246-1 concerning Section 97 of RA 10654 or the Amended Fisheries Code of the Philippines which declares it is unlawful for any person, natural or juridical, to fish with gear or method that destroys coral reefs, seagrass beds, and other fishery marine life habitat.

Moreover, the owner was also found to have employed unlicensed fishermen and crew which is contrary to Section 113 of the said Code. The apprehended vessel is currently anchored at BFAR Regional Office IX, Sea side, Zamboanga City purposely for custodial safekeeping while an administrative case is being filed before the Adjudication Committee against the offenders.