The Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) IX has recently initiated a vital program to boost seaweed production through the rehabilitation of seaweed nurseries in Zamboanga City wherein the bureau successfully distributed quality seaweed seedlings to beneficiaries in the Vitali and Curuan districts from August 1 to 4, 2023 to ensure a stable supply of seaweed.

The Zamboanga Peninsula region being one of the major exporters of seaweeds recognizes the importance of this commodity, particularly during the beginning of the seaweed planting season of which DA-BFAR IX through the Seaweeds Development Program spearheaded by its Focal Person, Mr. Muhaimin S. Maharail conducted the delivery of the livelihood provision in collaboration with the Local Government Unit. A total of 6000 kilograms of seaweed seedlings with seaweed farming materials such as ropes, cotton twine, and floaters, were handed over to three fisherfolk associations namely Tictapul Fisherfolk Association, Aplaya Buenavista Seaweed Farmers Association, and Dita Agro Marine Product Association Inc. represented by Mr. Galib P. Handing; Mr. Isnarin I. Cala, and Mr. Samat J. Nasa respectively.

In addition to the seedlings, each association was also given three sets of seaweed farm implements that can help sustain and enhance seaweed production thus improving the livelihoods of the beneficiaries and empowering them to make even greater contributions to the thriving aquaculture sector. The recipients expressed their gratitude for the support that may help bring development to their communities and the local seaweed industry as well.

By investing in seaweed farming, DA-BFAR IX has taken a crucial step in securing the availability of this marine commodity in Zamboanga City and remains dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the seaweed industry in the region, ensuring a sustainable future for seaweed farmers and the local community. Through collaborative efforts and continuous initiatives like this, Zamboanga Peninsula can maintain its position as a key player in the global seaweed trade, nurturing economic prosperity and environmental conservation for generations to come.