The Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) Regional Office No. 9 recently organized a transformative two-day training and orientation on Marine Fish Cage Culture Operation and Management taking a significant step towards boosting the expertise of local fishermen and advocating for sustainable aquaculture at Poblacion, Alicia, Zamboanga Sibugay.

This will served as a platform to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge, empowering them to effectively and responsibly oversee marine fish cage projects and ensure that participants not only excel in their operations but also contribute to the conservation of the marine environment. The training initiative came in preparation for the forthcoming turnover of 2 units of a 10-meter diameter marine fish cage project, benefiting 25 members of the Western Alicia Fisherfolks Association (WAFA) who were very eager to enhance their capabilities in the aquaculture sector.

With the guidance of DA-BFAR 9 personnel along with the Provincial Fishery Office of Zamboanga Sibugay and Local Government Unity (LGU) of Alicia, the participants delved into a diverse array of topics. From mastering the intricacies of Marine Fish Cage Technology to understanding the optimal site selection for Fish Cage Culture, the training comprehensively covered various crucial aspects of the industry. The interactive sessions also encompassed effective Operation and Management techniques, Feeds and Feeding Management, and Basic Feed Computation, providing attendees with a holistic understanding of the key components needed to thrive in the marine fish cage culture arena.

The knowledge gained by the fisherfolk recipients from the training would help in promoting regional food security and economic growth by implementing sustainable practices to make a positive impact on the aquaculture industry while preserving the region’s rich marine biodiversity. The success of the training program stands as a testament to DA-BFAR-9’s dedication to empowering local communities and fostering a vibrant and sustainable future for the aquaculture sector in Zamboanga Sibugay.