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With so much love and concern, the Department of Agriculture- Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources through Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol with Usec. For Fisheries and Director Commodore Eduardo B. Gongona, PCG (Ret.), BFAR IX Regional Director Isidro M. Velayo, Jr., MDM, and DA-RFU IX Regional Director Constancio G. Alama recently conducted the relief goods operation for the Municipality of Sibuco, Zamboanga del Norte on January 5, 2018.

The said relief operation is a response to the typhoon Vinta crisis especially to the victims who were devastated amid the cause of damages to include casualties too. The flash flood destroyed coastal villages not just in Sibuco but also in Siocon, Sirawai, Salug, and Gutalac. Residents had to evacuate in some designated evacuation centers leaving their homes and livelihood behind just to save their lives. Apparently, the evacuees merely depended on the government, non-government organizations and donor’s subsidies and support specifically goods in terms of foods, clothings, medicines, sleeping gears among others.

Secretary Piñol and the group immediately went to the affected areas and provided the 500 families with their primary needs such as 150 packs of relief goods consisting of 300 pieces of malong, 3,000 pieces easy open canned sardines and 2,100 pieces of cup noodles. Aside from these, livelihood inputs were also provided such as 20 sets of gill nets; one (1) unit drift gill net (pikit-pikit); 15 sets gill nets (mackerel); 15 sets gillnets (tuna); 20 sets hook and line; 20 sets squid jigger; 17 units life vest; two (2) units Payao and one (1) set fish processing utensils respectively. With these interventions, it is somehow expected that the victims may somehow recover from the loss that had caused the typhoon not just in their lives but in their livelihood as well.