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National Program for Municipal Fisherfolk Registration

  • A year long program of the BFAR designed to enhance, fast track, and complete the Municipal Fisherfolk Registry of coastal LGUs nationwide (RA 8550)


Program Objectives

  • Develop and promote a simplified national registration system for municipal fisherfolk
  • Get the support of all coastal municipalities and cities to use the standardized registration system and to integrate with and regularly update the FRS
  • Use the data in the FRS to design fisheries management and biodiversity conservation measures


Who should register?

  • Municipal Fisherfolk - "persons who are directly or indirectly engaged in municipal fishing and other related fishing activities"
  • Crew Members of a commercial fishing vessels except: 1. duly licensed and/or authorized patrons; 2. marine engineers; 3. radio operators; 4. cook
  • Fishworkers regularly or not regularly employed in commercial fishing and related industries
  • Fishery Operator - owns and provides the means but does not personally engage in fishery