Regional Websites


Good day everyone!

Welcome to our newly constructed and redesigned BFAR IX official website. This website is developed as a tool to inform, educate, update and reach out to our client in a more convenient and fastest way-and that is through the internet, where you can find a wide array of fisheries information, new ideas and technologies, policy practices and other data about our region that are readily made available through BFAR regional website. This is part of our commitment in keeping our work accessible in an instant and in compliance to the transparency seal and governance accountability in the government.

This tool also makes the set-up of a complete Information and Communication Technology that provides answers for the exchange of accurate and fast information in the data compiled and recorded among our files that focused on the office's policies in the management and protection of our fishery resources.

With this advent, we hope that we provide you with the data that you needed with just a click of your finger and hopefully we could hear feedback from you to help us improve our website in order to provide you with a better public service.


Regional Director